Education System for Showjumping Judges (April 2023)

The Levels of Show Jumping Judges

  • Learner
    Sits in with judges at a show. Must take part in course walk etc. Observes, keeps notes, practices doing the stop watch etc. When the President of Ground Jury feels the learner is ready, they will give them a specific task, which might be calling, do the bell or calculate result.
  • National Level 1
    Can be the second judge at a show, along with another National level 1 judge, a National level 2 judge or an FEI Judge.
  • National Level 2
    Can be the president of the Ground Jury. A show will ideally have at least one National level 2 judge. The second judge can be a level 1. Two learners will count as a second judge.

ZANEF 2023 Showjumping Rules temporary relaxation of requirements: Competitions of a national level require one national or FEI level judge and two learner judges, or two national or FEI level judges. For all FEI Competitions the FEI Rules specific to the FEI competitions pertaining to Officials shall be followed.

Learner to National Level 1

  1. Write to ZANEF Committee to become a learner judge in showjumping, minimum age 18
  2. Have your own set of ZANEF and FEI showjumping rules
  3. Have your own digital stopwatch
  4. Assist in the judges box for five complete shows (together with a Level 2 or FEI judge)
  5. Attend two showjumping judge courses, approved by ZANEF Showjumping sub-committee
  6. Attend one showjumping steward course, approved by ZANEF Showjumping sub-committee
  7. Attend one course building seminar, approved by ZANEF Showjumping sub-committee
  8. Keep a logbook with comments of all shows and seminars attended
  9. Pass a written test organized by ZANEF Showjumping Technical Committee
  10. Complete an interview with one or more person designated by the ZANEF SJ Sub-committee
  11. Send logbook and test pass mark to ZANEF Committee for evaluation and promotion to National level 1 show jumping judge.
  • As a Learner judge it is up to you to contact a show convener and ask to sit in at the show. If there are no suitable shows in Zambia, shows in other countries may qualify, especially if run under FEI-rules.
  • A Learner judge needs to be there for the whole judging period, as the judges are, including course walks.
  • The log book should be signed by the presiding judge who must be National Level 2 or FEI
  • Make an effort to judge with as many different judges as possible

National Level 1 to National Level 2

  1. Work on the Ground Jury for six shows, at least two with an FEI Level 2 or higher judge.
  2. Assist as a show jumping steward for one complete show with an FEI steward, or experienced national steward if no FEI-steward is available.
  3. Attend one showjumping judge seminar.
  4. Keep a logbook with comments of all shows and seminars attended.
  5. Written recommendation from an FEI Level 2 judge you have worked with.
  6. Complete the FEI online course for FEI Level 1 jumping judges, and pass the test at the end.
  7. Pass a written exam, min 75%.
  8. Send logbook and test pass mark to ZANEF Committee for evaluation and promotion to National level 2 showjumping judge.
  • National Level 1 and Level 2 judges will be invited by a show convener to judge at their show.
  • At least one must be outside your province of residence.
  • The shows you work at must be run under ZANEF or FEI rules, in Zambia or in another.
  • Over the six shows, you must judge with at least two different Presidents of the GJ.
  • The shows you work at must have an International judge or a National level 2 judge as presidents of the Ground Jury.
  • All judges must work at a minimum of two shows per year to stay on the list as a qualified judge.
  • After a minimum of one year of working as a National level 2 judge, The ZANEF Committee may consider you to attend the FEI level 1 Course.
  • From FEI level 1 and onwards, see the FEI guidelines.