The Zambia Pony Club

The Zambian Pony Club was thriving just 6 years ago; with a renowned international show held annually, mounted games, pony treks, annual camps, polo games, polo crosse rallies, tours to places of interest, tree days, Efficiency Tests up to B Standard etc and this produced some of the best riders and ponies/horses in a variety of sports that have ever competed in Zambia.

We are delighted to announce that the Pony Club is back! The Zambia National Equestrian Federation applied for funding from the FEI to help establish the Pony Club structures and we have been assigned a Technical Delegate to help us make sure that this time the Pony Club is here to stay.

The Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding. Founded in England in 1929, and granted independent charitable status on 1st January 1997, there are around 330 Branches and 400 Centres in the UK alone. The Pony Club has been the starting point for a large majority of equestrian team members and medal winners.
The Pony Club is represented in no less than 27 countries with a worldwide membership exceeding 110,000 making it the largest association of young riders in the world.


The objectives of The Pony Club are:

  • to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding
  • to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of their animal
  • to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline


Membership is open at any young person under the age of 25.

Zambia Pony Club District Commissioner

The Zambia Pony Club District Commissioner is Zara Nicolle – she has been involved in the Pony Club her entire life through her membership and her family and finally as the District Commissioner of Zambia.

Zambia Pony Club B Test and C Test Graduates in 2017 pictured here with Claire Wager the TD assigned to help set up the Zambia Pony Club again
Pony Club

The Pony Club Vision and Values

Our vision – to provide young people with opportunities for fun, friends and learning through horses and sport.

Our Values


We are one Pony Club, working together


We support every individual to develop and reach their goals.

We celebrate success and learn to lose with grace


We treat all people fairly and equally. We are role models


We grow through learning and education

We enjoy participating in The Pony Club journey and sharing our knowledge

Our five focus areas

To increase participation based on insight, targeting and best practice

To attract and engage people
who share our values; through education, development and recognition

To retain and develop our brand position in the market place

To teach young
people to ride and to care for horses and their environment

To maintain, progress and strengthen a robust, compliant governance and reporting structure