FEI Solidarity Funding ~ Sports For All ~ Zambia


To provide assistance to Zambian Nationals who currently, or would like to:

  • Participate, officiate or work in equestrian sports and associated activities
  • Acquire skills or experience that will enable the beneficiary to participate independently in future years, or to follow an equestrian sports-related career


Applicants or applications will be considered on the following criteria:-

  • Extent of benefit to the development and promotion of equestrian sports in Zambia in the long term
  • Inability of the applicant to self-finance for the duration of the grant
  • Provision or potential provision of additional sponsorship or other assistance (current or potential)from other organisations or ZANEF member mentors. If
    possible funding should be matched or exceeded by the Affiliated Club or ZANEF member associated with the application
  • Age of applicant: Preference will be given (but not limited) to applicants under 35
  • Provision of public relations opportunities that will promote equestrian sports in Zambia
  • Potential for beneficiary to follow an equestrian-related career after funding
  • Potential, where appropriate, for the beneficiary to pass on new-found skills to other members of the Federation, and contribute to ZANEF development and activities.

Affiliated Clubs or individuals are welcome to complete an application form and apply on behalf of applicants who fulfill the criteria by email to ZANEF at [email protected].
Grants cannot be applied for retrospectively.

Applications will be presented to the ZANEF Executive Committee for deliberation. Decisions of the ZANEF Excom will be final.

ZANEF Executive Committee