Vaulting Training at Woodlands Riding Stables March 2018

From the 12th to 17th of March the Woodlands Vaulting group had the opportunity to train with a South African coach, Jasyn Gertenbach at Woodlands Riding Stables. A total of 9 girls participated in this intense training in which they worked on perfecting their compulsory moves and developed their own individual free style. At the end of the week the group put up a display at the Woodlands Riding Stables. All of this became possible thanks to Barry Thorley, our generous sponsor, who has kindly sponsored the ticket for Jasyn Gertenbach and has been supporting the sport from the very beginning. The Woodlands Vaulting group would also like to thank Lisa Jaegnert for her constant support and allowing the group to use her horses and facilities as well as letting one of her most experienced grooms, Charles assist us. We hope to have a team ready for the FEI Africa Vaulting 2018 in October.