ZANEF National Coaching Education for Level 1

General Requirements:-

Minimum age 18 years

First Aid Course

Must have riding experience and general knowledge of the well-being of the horse.
Pony Club Certifications, references, proof of riding skills.
Become an FEI Campus member where they offer online courses in stable management and general
care for the horse.

Below are suggestions of courses to complete and handbooks to have for information on coaching.

  • Complete ‘Mind Your Horse’. Online course with Chris Irwin
  • Complete ‘BHS Level 1 Horse Care’ or Pony Club B Test.
  • The Manual of Horsemanship (available on Amazon)
  • The BHS Complete Manual of Equitation (available on Amazon)
  • The BHS Complete Manual of Horse and Stable Management (available on Amazon)
  • German handbook ‘Principles of Riding’ (Available on Amazon)
  • Shadow a FEI Level 2 Instructor (10 hrs Dressage, 20 hrs Jumping, 10 hrs Eventing) Log book
    progress with recommendations for each discipline.
  • Complete FEI Level 1 Coaches Course

National Level 1 Coaching – General Knowledge of the horse and stable care

Examples – Safety for beginner Rider, the correct approach to the horse, how to fit a headcollar, how to lead a horse into the stable. (Can be found on the links above – mostly pony club level)

Knowledge in the basic care of the horse, stable management – bedding, hay, blankets, bandaging, Feeding and Watering – Feeding the extreme athlete, the riding school horse, the retired horse, watering and the importance, grooming – basic knowledge of the grooming kit and what each tool is used for and why. Paddock management – fencing, gates and grazing.

Knowledge in the preparation of the horse for a lesson, how to tack up a horse correctly, correct fitting of the bridle including the throat lash and noseband, correct fitting of the bit in the horse’s mouth, correct fitting of the saddle, it’s position and the girth, correct way to untack the horse, care, cleaning and storage of the tack. (Again can be found on the FEI site and the information given above)

ZANEF National Level 1 Coaching – Preparing Lessons and Teaching

Examples – Being able to prepare a basic lesson and communicate this lesson to the student. (In an examination environment this lesson should be at least 15 min long) This information is readily available from the information on the books and links given above.

Knowledge in the three basic aids for riding, the seat and position of the rider, recognise the correct seat, (ear, shoulder, hip, heel) posture, importance of the correct seat, common mistakes and how to correct them.

The leg, the position of the leg, correct length of the stirrup, how to use the leg, common mistakes and how to correct them.

The hands, correct hand position with open or closed fingers, contact, common mistakes and how to correct them.

The Application of the aids:
Natural – Weight (seat), leg and rein.
Artificial – Voice, whip, spurs. 
Additional Aids – Schooling gadgets.

Understanding the importance of these aids, how they are applied, understanding when to apply.

Knowledge in the three paces of the horse, walk (position of the rider at the walk) trot (position of the rider at the trot) canter (position of the rider at the canter) knowledge of the how the three paces work.

ZANEF  Coach

To become a Level 1 National Coach, you should communicate your interest to ZANEF. You will thereafter be approached by a member of the committee on dates and courses available. The above qualifications will apply.

FEI Level 1 Coach

The application has to be made via ZANEF and submitted to the FEI by ZANEF. Course are held at different locations around the world. Information about courses is available on the FEI website.  FEI Campus Please note that in order to remain an FEI Coach you will need to do an annual online test and do an in-person maintenance course every three years.