ZANEF National Jumping Steward Education

General Requirements

  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • Solid experience of horses and showjumping.
  • To be physically able to carry out stewarding duties at events.
  • Commitment to serve as a steward when requested.
  • General attitude that mirrors the Stewards’ requirements as set out in the FEI Jumping Stewards Manual.

Learner Steward

To become a learner steward you should communicate interest to ZANEF Showjumping Committee. You will thereafter be approached by a member of the committee and be invited to accompany National Stewards at shows.

National Steward

To become a National Steward you need to have practical experience as a Learner Steward and attend a ZANEF Stewards’ course as outlined below.  If no courses are available they can be replaced by on-the-job training and a practical and written exam.

FEI Level 1 Steward

A National Steward can apply to an FEI Level 1 Jumping Steward course.  The application has to be made via ZANEF Showjumping Committee and submitted to the FEI by ZANEF.  Courses are held at different locations around the world, but rarely in Africa.  Information about courses is available on the FEI website:  Courses ( Look for “CRS”, as “MC” are maintenance courses for existing stewards. Please also note that in order to remain an FEI Steward you need to do an annual online test, officiate at a certain number of FEI Shows, and do an in-person maintenance course every three years Level Transfer for Jumping Stewards_2022.pdf ( FEI is still considering whether to allow officiating duties at Jumping World Challenge and Children’s Classics to count. At the moment they probably do not.

Log Book and Officiating Duties

In order to remain listed as National Steward, you have to serve at a minimum of two shows per year, incl one FEI show.  This should be recorded in a log book and signed by the Chief Steward or Judge on duty.

If you do not manage to uphold the officiating duties, but still would like to keep your status, a request for exemption should be sent to ZANEF Showjumping Sub-Committee.  This will be granted, as long as valid reasons are provided.

ZANEF National Steward Course

The course should be based on, and be in line with the FEI Education system for stewards:

Specific focus should be on:

  • The role and duties of a steward
  • Familiarity with FEI Rules, incl General Regulations (GR), Veterinary Regulations (VR), Jumping Rules (JR) and Stewards’ Manuals
  • ZANEF Jumping Rules 2019
  • Boot and bandage check (incl practical session)
  • Hind-boot check (incl practical)
  • Tack
  • Warm-up arena and jumps (incl practical session)

Course Director

  • The Course Director should at least be an FEI Level 1 steward, or a National Steward with a minimum of five years active and recent experience.


  • The course should be conducted during a minimum of two days, divided between theory and practical hands-on practice during a show.


  • Practical exam
  • Written test at the end of the course, (pass: min 75%)

Promotion to National Steward

Successful participants who are recommended by the Course Director for promotion